The Vietnamese Catholic Community

Who is the Vietnamese Community?

In June 1975, the first Vietnamese refugees arrived in Australia, with many surprises and worries because they had to leave their homeland, their families and the remaining relatives. Since then, Vietnamese have been admitted to this beautiful and peaceful country under the humanitarian immigration program and family reunification.

The Australian Government and people have generously helped Vietnamese refugees to overcome the difficulties and unavoidable obstacles of newcomers to settle down soon.

Vietnamese refugees also share the same plight, but with strong faith, trust everything in God’s providence. This commitment has been the main motivation for encouraging people to come together, share and help each other. These sharing and support can be seen through the process of formation and development of the Vietnamese Catholic Community in Sydney for nearly 25 years.

In early 1976, Father Dinh Cong Uan, a Vietnamese Priest in Noumea was invited to Sydney to be the first Chaplain for Vietnamese refugees. Since then, the Vietnamese Catholic Community in Sydney NSW has been established and once developed through the surrounding areas where Vietnamese people live. From Northern Sydney to Penrith, from Newcastle down to Wollongong.

The purpose of the Vietnamese Catholic Community Sydney NSW is to help each other maintain and develop their faith in God. Protect and promote respect and filial respect for ancestors, grandparents and parents. Maintain and develop the love for the homeland and preserve the spiritual values, culture and language of Vietnam, and help each other adapt well to Australian society. The Vietnamese Catholic Community also encourages a spirit of independence and mutual support within the Vietnamese community. Encourage and perform charitable and charitable works for people regardless of gender, race, religion and language.

In response to the growing pastoral needs of the Community, a Committee of Chaplains has been established. With the approval of Cardinal Archbishop Sydney, the Community Regulation has been drafted and approved by the Cardinal on August 31, 1988, officially named the Vietnamese Catholic Community.

Revesby Chaplain

Rev. Paul Chu Van Chi

Vietnamese Community Chaplains

Rev. Remy San Lam Bui

Chaplain in Charge of Congregation of Cabramatta, Congregation of Lakemba, Church of Goodness, Sponsor of the Vocation, Eucharistic Ministers, Marriage Promotion Program.

Rev. Paul Chu Van Chi

Chaplain of Charities; Revesby Congregation, Georges Hall Congregation, Le Bao Tinh Choir, Cursillo Movement, Vincent De Paul Society, Legio Mariae Sydney 

Rev. Francis Xavie Nguyen Van Tuyet, S.Th.D.

Chaplain of Mission; Fairfield Congregation, Congregation of Mt Pritchard, Eucharistic Youth League, PT / Divine Mercy, Broadcast of Peace News 

Rev. Peter Tran Van Tro

Chaplain in charge of Bringelly Center, Marrickville Congregation, Catholic Mothers Association, Ton Queen Family

Rev. John B Le Hong Manh, SVD

Chaplain in Charge of The Miller Congregation, the Young Congregation, the Missionary Department, the Catholic Youth