Parish Staff

Parish Secretary
Margaret Hill
(02) 9773 9065
Parish Priest
Rev. Tadeusz Seremet
(02) 9773 9065
Parish Accounts Manager
Maria Amaral
(02) 9773 9065

Parish Pastoral Council

Members of the St Luke’s Pastoral Council

  • Chair: Nicole Greig
  • Vice-Chair: Jerome Beeson
  • Council Secretary: Rhea D’Souza
  • Ex-Officio: Catherine Coman (St Luke’s Primary School Principal)
  • Liturgical & Sacramental Coordinator: Margaret Hill
  • Community and Events Coordinator: Geoff Mullins
  • Faith and Spiritual Formation Coordinator: Lorraine Patrick
  • Vietnamese Community Representative: Joe Pham
  • Youth Group Coordinator: Christine Hill
  • Safeguarding Support Officer: Felicity Chang
  • Other Council Members: Louise Missen, Jan Lapri, Roy Cooke, Peter Costello, Georges Lowe, Elliott Bowen.

Role and Purpose

The ultimate purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is to be servants of the Parish, working with the Parish Priest and Parishioners to make St Luke’s the best it can be. This involves:

  • Gaining an understanding of our Parish
  • Celebrating the hard work of the many parishioners in the Parish
  • Celebrating the many achievements and successes in the Parish as a whole
  • Identifying and understand Parishioner concerns
  • Working with Parishioners to plan and co-ordinate initiatives that will make our parish community more sustained, stronger and enriched, and of course
  • Assisting the Priest(s) of the Parish

Mission of the Pastoral Council

The mission of the Pastoral Council is to provide Counsel and Support to the Parish Priest and encourage parishioners to undertake their due ministry in the parish according to the spirit of the Vatican II decree ‘Lumen Gentium’.  Members of the Parish Council, being practising Catholics, uphold the Catholic ethos. The Council is to discern the pastoral developments and working of the Parish according to the Vision and Mission statement adopted by the Parish.

Parish Finance Committee

Under Canon 537 of universal Church law it is obligatory for parish to have a Finance Committee to advice the Parish Priest. Under canon 532 the Parish Priest is the administrator of the assets of the parish and a Finance Committee acts only in an advisory capacity. The Parish Priest is expected to seek prudent advice from the parishioners for the major directions of his administration. According to the diocesan statutes the parishioners have a right to express their views and a duty to support the Parish Priest in his endeavours for the good of the parish. Through the Finance Committee the parishioners are to seek to lessen the burden of the Parish Priest in administering parish finances, in maintaining parish properties, in planning future capital works and in raising the necessary finances for all these works.

Term of membership

The term of membership of the PPC will be two years. To assist with continuity it is anticipated that half of the Council members may choose to continue for a second term. After a second term, it will be a requirement to stand down for at least one term. This sees a term on the PPC being a maximum of four years.

Roles of the Pastoral Council

General Activities of the Pastoral Council

  • Meetings to discuss pastoral and communal matters. As a guide, meetings occur once a month with at a minimum of 10 meetings annually. The agenda is formulated by the Priest and Chairperson, with input from the PPC based on requests from Parishioners and groups, as well as Church activities and events
  • Minutes from all PPC meetings are documented and made available to the Parish community
  • Event coordination
  • Weekly announcements at Mass

Role Descriptions


The PPC Chairperson will be the primary liaison with the Parish Priest and will lead the strategic direction of the PPC in consultation with him. The PPC Chairperson will be responsible for creating PPC meeting agendas and representing the PPC for Church events (or delegating to another PPC member).


The PPC Secretary will be responsible for minute taking, publishing documents and record keeping. The PPC Secretary will also act as portfolio lead for non-operational management of our Church grounds (e.g. safety, long-term Church works, etc).

Liturgical and Sacramental Coordinator

The Portfolio Leads for Liturgies and Sacraments will be the primary liaison with Ministries including Sectors, Musicians, Special Ministers of Communion, Children’s Liturgy, Projectionists, Acolytes, Altar Servers and the Sacramental Team. They will also work closely with the Parish Secretary to coordinate efforts for the Holy Week and Christmas Liturgies, as well as the Sacraments.

Faith and Spiritual Formation Coordinator

The Portfolio Leads for Faith and Spiritual Formation will be the primary liaison with non-sacramental groups including St Vincent De Paul, Life Ascending, Aged Care and Right to Life.

Community Events Coordinator

The Portfolio Leads for Communal Activities will be the primary liaison with groups including the social club, the Vietnamese community and other social groups. They will also be responsible for coordinating events such as St Luke’s Feast Day and the Annual General Meeting/Parish Assembly.