Stations of Light

Last year during Easter Season at St Luke’s we have started a new devotion that St John Paul II was advocating for, Stations of Light in opposition to The Stations of the Cross that we use during Lent. This is a new way, or one of, to celebrate joy, truth and hope flowing from Jesus’ resurrection, started in Italy in 1988.

Via Lucis has a similar idea to the Stations of the Cross, but instead of reflecting on the suffering of Jesus, it looks at his victory over sin, darkness and death.

The Stations help us to meet Resurrected Christ as we reflect on particular passages of Scripture proclaiming the Good News of Resurrection. Please join us and pray with us this new way of living out Easter joy on Friday’s during the Easter Season.

The Friday evenings will commence with the recitation of The Rosary at 7.05 pm, followed by 7.30 pm Mass and The Stations of Light.