St Luke’s Parish Feast day – 18th October 2020

This Year we will celebrate Our Feast Day during the Live Streamed 5pm Vigil on Saturday 17th October 2020.

Please join us in praying for our Parish and thanking God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us.

Facts about St Luke:

  1. St Luke wrote the third Gospel and Acts of the Apostle.
  2. He worked with St Paul and travelled with him to Rome.
  3. St Luke was not only an Author but a Physician and an Artist.
  4. He is the Patron of Artist and Physicians.
  5. It is believed that he painted a famous portrait of Mary, our Blessed Mother.
  6. The Symbol for Luke’s Gospel is an Ox. ( an animal that was often sacrificed as an offering to God. In his writings, Luke reminds us of the great sacrifice Jesus made to save all people through his death on the cross and his resurrection.)

Prayer to Saint Luke
Most wonderful St. Luke
you are animated by
the Heavenly Spirit of Love.
In faithfully detailing the humanity of Jesus,
you also showed
His Divinity and His genuine compassion for all human beings.
May the Holy Spirit, instructor of the faithful,
help me to understand
Christ’s words
and faithfully apply them in my life.