Parish Prayer Intentions

Please Keep in Your Prayers

Recently Deceased: Mary McGrath, Maria Vu, Tony Woods, Ken Johnston, David Watson, Arnaud Lemerle (R-No), Gianmario Bertolini, Peter James Borham, Teresa Di Marte

Death Anniversaries: Zoila de Leon Magno, Gloria Enrile de Leon, Fr. Thomas Barco,
Fr. Ignatius Pires.

Other Deceased & Special Intentions: Michael and Patricia Kerr, Paula Bolan, Bob Kennedy, Joe & Margaret Giordmaina, Antonio Gonzalez, Ana And Ebo Andreaus, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Adel Torbay.

Please pray for the sick our Parishioners & Friends: Elise Koppe, Stephen Macrae, Anne Gedz, May Tran, Matthew Leydon, Brian & Betty Tracey, David Kelly, Adam Brook, Caroline Coleman. Terance Owsnett, Nancy Edmonds, John Edmonds, Irene and Ann Marie Leydon, Elena Abraham. Trinh Nguyen, Linda Baxter, Isaac Fay, Nartarsha Fay, Brooke Masmela, Ava Masmela, Maria Reynolds, Dorota Gorzkowski, Richard Villanueva, Igor Hileusnic, baby Ava Masmela, Peter Borham, Bernice Goodwin.

Parish Community Prayer

St Luke’s Parish Prayer
Loving Father,
Inspire us to live the Catholic Faith in ways that are dynamic and engaging. Show us how to best get involved in the life of our Parish. Make our Saint Luke’s Community hungry for Christ in the scripture and in the Eucharist and for the continuous growth of our faith.
Give us courage when we are afraid, hope when we feel discouraged and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in times of decision. Teach us to value and respect everyone, and lead all members of our Parish to become your faithful disciples.
St Luke, Pray For Us.