Parish Prayer Intentions

Please Keep in Your Prayers

Recently Deceased: Barbara Ann Olson, Marie Bonello, Geraldine San Giorgio (sympathy to our musician, Jennifer Wentzel on the passing of her Mother-in-law. May she Rest In Peace), Francis Nguyen, Jose and Jim de Jesus.

Death Anniversaries: Agnes Hartwig, Nelly Tran, Milan & Miro Čirjak, Dorothy Blacker OAM, Rosita Garduque.

Remembrance: Michael & Patricia Kerr, Tom Blake, Eileen Keating, Joan Knight, Evelyn Sullivan, Brian Tracey, Henri        Vainauskas.

Special Intentions: For the Holy Souls in Purgatory and for the unborn children, thanksgiving for Rita Torbay on her birthday, Roy Cooke 80th Birthday.

Please pray for the sick our Parishioners & Friends: Leah Maclean, Elise Koppe, Mary Tabone, Angelo & Priyanie Fernando, Roy & Celine Raphael, Charles Farrugia, Analisa Pangilinan, Lanni Angrek, Samira Sanbar, Joan Barnthaler, Sam Tierney, Dom Lentini, Alma Tahan, Igor Mileusnic, Matthew Reardon, Patrick Leadon, Adam Brook, Anne Gedz, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Anthony Alam, Cara Curry, Sophia Gacic, Matthew Leydon, Olga Fernando.

Parish Community Prayers

St Luke’s Parish Prayer
Loving Father,
Inspire us to live the Catholic Faith in ways that are dynamic and engaging. Show us how to best get involved in the life of our Parish. Make our Saint Luke’s Community hungry for Christ in the scripture and in the Eucharist and for the continuous growth of our faith.
Give us courage when we are afraid, hope when we feel discouraged and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in times of decision. Teach us to value and respect everyone, and lead all members of our Parish to become your faithful disciples.
St Luke, Pray For Us.

Prayer for Spiritual Communion
My Jesus, My Lord, My God, I adore you. I place all my trust in You.
I love You with all my heart. I cannot receive You in Holy Communion but come into my soul in a spiritual way.
Purify and sanctify it; make it a fitting tabernacle for Your Real Presence.

Prayer for Mental Health
Jesus, you invite us all into the fullness of life. May we support one another to flourish in body, mind and spirit. Strengthen our commitment to ensure that nobody falls through gaps in our systems of care. People called you mad. Help us to recognise you in those who suffer mental ill-health
today. Show us how to eliminate stigmatisation of mental ill-health from our parishes, schools, communities and organisations. You drew near to those who were suffering in body or mind. May we too feel your nearness when we struggle with mental health challenges. May we be one as members of Your Body. You invite us to share in your ministry of love and true compassion. May we be empowered by your Spirit to reach out to all people in need. May we build communities of welcome and inclusion.

St Luke, Pray For Us.

Prayer to Saint Luke
Most wonderful St. Luke you are animated by the Heavenly Spirit of Love.
In faithfully detailing the humanity of Jesus, you also showed
His Divinity and His genuine compassion for all human beings.
May the Holy Spirit, instructor of the faithful, help me to understand Christ’s words and faithfully apply them in my life.