New Way to Donate

In a society where we are becoming cashless, the next step to make a parish sustainable is to provide a method where people may give electronically. We have installed two ‘donation tap devices’ one, near the Piety Stall and the other at Our Lady’s Altar which will allow you to simply, tap and go!

The devices are now set at a limit of $10 and $5 each per tap but if you would like to give more than $10 or $5, tap again to take it to $20 or $10 and then again to $30 or $15 etc.

Please note there is a short delay between each tap to avoid people accidentally tapping twice. All donations via these devices are not tax deductible.

DONATION POINT is quick and easy. All funds go towards our 2nd collection, this collection supports the administration, maintenance and upkeep of the church building, grounds and parish which is an expensive exercise, so all donations are well used. Please also know that this type of giving isn’t meant to replace our Planned Giving Envelope System.

Planned Giving is invaluable in terms of planning and budgeting, but merely an opportunity for you if you would like to donate but don’t have any change in your pocket, as so many of us don’t today. Hopefully, many will avail themselves of this opportunity.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting your Parish

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