Are you new to the Parish Community?

Dear Visitor,

It is my pleasure to welcome you! 

If you are looking for a Catholic Church to come home to and a community to nurture your Catholic faith, our parish welcomes you!  Or If you are not Catholic and have questions or want to learn about the faith, we welcome you. 

St Luke’s Revesby Parish is a caring, Catholic community called to welcome all people to experience God’s love through Jesus Christ by

  • Celebrating Mass and the other Sacraments.
  • Serving those in need.
  • Living and sharing the Word of God.

If you have questions not answered here, please feel free to contact our Parish Office (02) 9773 9065 or email

In all cases, be assured that we are here for you!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Tadeusz Seremet SDS

If you are new to the area, we would love to invite you to be part of our community. No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, “it’s not a house, it’s a home,” and the same applies to a Catholic parish.

A parish is not just a church building; rather, it is the people who make up that community. In the words of Pope Francis, a parish is: “the Church living in the midst of the homes of her sons and daughters … in contact with the homes and the lives of its people … not a useless structure, but an environment for hearing God’s word, for growth in the Christian life, for dialogue, proclamation, charitable outreach, worship and celebration.” (Evangelli Gaudium, 28)

If you are new to our Parish, you should plan a visit and take part in a Weekend Mass.

Please fill in the Contact form below to Organise your involvement in the Parish, as well as your planned giving arrangements and your Sacramental/Personal Details for the Parish Record, with the Parish Secretary or the Parish Priest.

You may also book an appointment with the Parish Priest if you need to.

More Information about our Parish is available throughout Our Website.

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