Facts about St Luke the Evangelist

  • He was a Physician – Paul refers to Luke as a doctor in Colossians 4:14. Throughout his writings, Luke uses precise medical terms to describes peoples afflictions.
  • Patron Saint of Artists, Physicians and Surgeons.
  • The Evangelist – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are regarded as the Four Evangelists because their writings proclaim the “good news” (or gospel) of Jesus Christ.
  • He was a confident of the Virgin Mary
  • He was a companion of St Paul – from the Book of Acts and Paul’s writings, we know that Luke was a companion of Paul. He includes himself in some of the narratives in the Book of Arts.
  • He never met Jesus in person – Luke makes it clear that we was not an eyewitness to Jesus’ ministry (Luke 1:104(. He wrote his gospel using documents and accounts from people who were actually there.
  • A Gentile – Many people argue that St Luke was a Gentile—which would make him the only Gentile author of the New Testament. This is speculation and cant really be proven or disproven.
  • An Artist  – Around the 18th century, a tradition emerged that Luke was an artist, and that he’d painted Mary, Paul and Peter, as well as produced an illustrated gospel. This is almost certainly false.
  • A major biblical author – Between the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts, Luke wrote about 27.5% of the New Testament—that’s more than anyone else. Including Paul!