About Our Bible Study Group

The St Luke’s Bible Study Group is a group that meets every Wednesday from 8:15 pm, to discuss the Readings for the following Sunday, in preparation for the Holy Mass and to understand these readings, resulting in an enhanced mass experience.

The focus of the St Luke’s Bible Study group is to let the message of God be known to all.

Here are 6 Benefits of an On-line Bible Study Group

1. It’s a weekly thing. We all lack motivation or discipline at times. The weekly accountability and encouragement keeps us going on days when you may want to quit.

2. It’s free and simple. The Bible Study reminders are posted weekly on our parish Facebook page and all you need is your Bible. For the Zoom link, please revisit our website on Wednesdays

3. You experience fellowship with other parishioners who are as excited and want more out of their Sunday Mass experience.

4. You can go at your own pace. If you just want to listen for a few weeks no problem.

5. You don’t have to drive anywhere. It’s at home!

6. Everyone provides their own coffee and snack. 😉

We hope that you will consider joining us. We will focus on this weekend’s readings. So why not ask the Holy Spirit to move you and take a leap of faith. We Look Forward to seeing you there!